Three Ways to Fit in a Walk

If you have young children, or if you live in a climate that doesn't allow for walking outdoors everyday, figuring out a way to get in a daily walk can be tough.  Here are some ideas for getting in a daily walk:

Walk at the mall.  

You'll be surprised at how many other people do this too. You can window shop, socialize, and get out of the house. If you have little ones, bring them along so they can burn off some energy.

Walk with the WiiFit.  

If you have a Wii or any other type of video game that has a running or walking game, this is a great solution.  My toddlers love doing "Mommy's Running," and I'm able to get in a good walk.  

Walk in place in front of the TV.  

Yes, this gets old really fast, but if you're desperate, it works.  You can even dragged out an old aerobics step and walked on it while watching your favorite reality shows.  It will make the time go by faster, make the workout more intense, and keep you from getting too sore.
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